Get The Disability Compensation You Deserve

Social Security disability benefits are for Americans who are too disabled to work and in need of financial and medical assistance. The benefits make it easier for the disabled workers to pay bills, purchase food, and make their lives easier while out of work.

To qualify for benefits, the person must prove that he/she is unable to perform job duties for at least one year and must meet the SSA’s definition of disabled.

Disability Benefit Network will consult with you to determine if we can help you file a disability claim.


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How Does It Work?

Do I Need Representation?

Disability Benefits Network highly recommends applying with experienced representation to help you navigate the process of applying, remove any confusion of the process, and to increase your odds of getting approved. The majority of people that get approved for Social Security disability benefits had legal representation. Representation is available to anyone with no out-of-pocket costs on contingency basis, meaning the applicant doesn’t owe any fees unless awarded benefits.

Increase Your Odds of Approval

If you or a loved one suffers from a disability you may qualify. We have attorneys throughout the United States that can help you with the claim process. Our network can assist with dealing with disability claims and can help you get the financial benefits you deserve. You can improve your chances of approval by using an experienced Social Security disability attorney or advocate – and they work for you for free until you win!